Samsung’s acting chief Lee Jae-yong to be sentenced for 5 years for corruption

So sad in our country, the corruption war is always blowing hot and cold. The battle against embezzlement is more verbal and practical as the mighty seem above the law. It is popular saying that the maggi thief gets beaten to death while the budget thief is gloriously honored. But this is not the same everywhere. In some other countries, the big shots still answer to the law and still see in the inside of prisons for corruption.


Samsung chief

One of such alluring countries is South Korea where Lee Jae-yong who is
Samsung‘s acting chief has been convicted of bribery and embezzlement after a trial that extended across six months. Lee is deputizing for his ill father who was also convicted of fraud. He too was sentenced but was eventually granted state pardon.



Lee who initially denied the charges now stands to face 5 years jail sentence although hard line prosecutors are pushing for a 12 years in jail term. Lee Jay-yong’s investigation uncovered hideous intertwine of the of erstwhile president Park Geun-Hye who is also facing trial. Lee faced accusations from prosecutors of enormously bribing Park Geun-Hye to lend support to seemingly mergers of Samsung affiliates. That push helped to reinforce Lee’s position as Samsung’s head.

When will our dear Naija get there were the rich and mighty are within the constriction of the law? SMH.

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