Tumblr app brings on fancy fonts and lets you reorder text and images in posts

Tumblr is reinventing itself and bringing some couple of fresh features on board. The latest updates to Tumblr allow users of Tumblr to react by means of pictures with what you reblog.


With this new feature there is so much you can do. You could possibly attach gifs in form of reaction to just anything. This makes Tumblr much more interesting and interactive. With this new update, you can also enjoy a fresh range of text posts and text styles. This way the possibility opens for you to roll in headers, enjoy serif fonts as well as curate lists.

While we were already enjoying features like the make list and reblogs in the desktop Tumblr version, mobile users weren’t really enjoying this feature until this update. Additionally mobile users can now move flexibly around blocks of images and text. This brings a whole lot of refreshing experience when you are making edits to a post on a mobile device with reduced screen size like your old iPhones. This kind of simulates the sleekness desktop users enjoy when they copy and paste seamlessly.

These latest updates adds up to an already impressive list of addition from Tumblr across the last year like live-streaming, features like stickers and all which makes Tumblr overall more enticing.


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