Instagram now gives you the ability to post landscape and portrait photo albums

Social media is always evolving,np right? Yeah that is very necessary considering how we easily get appalled with monotonous services. Hence the regular additions to social media platforms to keep up the excitement.



Instagram is notorious for always bringing something new. And the freshest one is the feature that allows you to post photo albums having portrait pictures and landscape pictures. Something close to this feature was released some months back in February. But there was a limitation in that version, we could only post square-format photos which pretty seemed archaic. It is cool Instagram has modernized it now and you will be able to post images to formats of your preference. You no longer have to compulsorily crop images to a square.


The only disadvantage we could see to this feature is that you may have to strictly adhere to the picture format you choose. But it is all good. It looks great posting portrait pictures on Instagram especially as it takes up the whole screen. And it is cooler as you can post many of such pictures all at once. Same customary Instagram though, 10 photos at most in one album.

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