Reviewing The LG V10

This Android model called LG V10 can be rightly denoted as a two-headed monster, large reasons for this name could be traced down to its dual front camera and second screen.

LG V10

The LG V10 really borrows lots of clues from the flagship LG G4, but then the sense of touch and the appearance of this device is something way different. For one thing It’s bigger, much tougher without excluding that added power.


From my time with this Android Lollipop 5.1.1 phone, I could cite an added evidence to that, while LG has desisted from bending its latest phone, which it particularly did with the LG G Flex 2, it’s still yet laying more emphasis on trying bold, adventurous ideas, while Apple and Samsung happen to be more conventional choosing to play it safe.


LG V10 has the prospects of lasting longer with a mix of stainless steel sides and a silicone skin back sure to sparkle interest. Its bumpy texture and that unique rubbery feel is quite opposing to the smooth leather back of the LG G4.

The relevance of this fresh mix is that it can make its way through drop tests in a way no other phone does according to LG. It is well designed to military-grade standard, and closely   as if that case you may be purchase (or really should) buy anyway is built in. In additional to this, you will have a much commendable double-paned Gorilla Glass 4 to further safeguard the front.

What this tells us is that there is no essence to still take on the same slight curve as LG’s flagship device, and the LG V10 weight of 192g as well as its dimensions are 159.6 x 79.3 x 8.6mm.

Despite the fact that the LG G4 was kind of a relatively thicker at its curved apex, every other feature of this new phone is bigger, with the distinct push to drag the iPhone6S along with the Galaxy Note 5 into competition.

LG V10  vs iphone 6

While Apple and Samsung are kind of showing more preference toward aluminum and glass designs, LG is opting to do with a more practical finish, laying more emphasis on durability, a microSD card slot not excluding a swappable battery.

There is the prospects of selling a wholesome number of phones as regards that microSD card slot and removable battery, with the knowledge that Samsung has rolled out these features on the Note 5 and Galaxy S6. LG V10 has the version of Black, Luxe, Space, Opal Blue, White, Modern Beige and Ocean.


The feature which promises to really drag in more attention here is the second screen on the front. It pretty differs from the rear, e-ink second screen of the YotaPhone 2, not minding the fact that it possesses similar battery life-saving purpose.

Its 5.7-inch, quad HD IPS display increases way larger the screen size of the 5.5-inch LG G4 in a way you would be sure to notice. Having a touch at the corners of 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution and 513 pixels per inch (ppi) would probably take a phablet-sized reach.

LG V10  display

Moving further, we are stunned with the reality when the LG V10 becomes a living Frankenstein-like marvel, it tacks on a 2.1-inch display at the very top, bringing the display size to 5.9 inches, in effect.

It also takes on the likeness of one fluid display, although the 160 x 1,040 and 513ppi strip at the top is presented with a varied backlight feature to it. Users of this device should be preparing to stretch those fingers a bit length further.

The extra reach is not just vain as it brings in its added pace to navigation. The second screen fills in the role of a sharp way to glance at the time, notifications and weather, or even to switch out to your most preferred apps for contacts. Though this is not exclusive as the likes of Apple’s iOS 9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ do this too, but with a hidden, harder-to-reach menus.

The LG V10 is nearly everytime-on top display, shines information and settings widgets, this doesn’t even stop even when the main screen is off. But this shouldn’t really bother you, you have the option of turning it just like you could a smartwatch, this you could do when you palm the front of the device.’

LG V10 phone

The stress of multitasking is relatively reduced here with your most recent apps present on the top everytime, and text notifications,incoming calls,and calendar appointments will not really bulge up any of the room of the main display to the extent of interrupt what you are doing with great distaste.

I guess you will confirm when you have it there are very few phones if any actually existed with such a positively frenzy display like that of this device. It makes the conventional, quad HD display way more relishing, yet it is still very functional.

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