At Last, Twitch Gets An Adequate PS4 Streaming App

Hello gaming people, to those of us whose thumbs had swollen over time like we our fingerprints casted over 2million votes in one day. For those of us who go to church because we feel that angels in heaven are better PS players since we don’t have competition on earth anymore; hence the need to make heaven- who prefer the feel of an PS4 pad to an Obama handshake. To those us who will be in Harvard as lecturers if PS sciences was a course offered there, goodnews!

Twitch PS4 app

After nearly two years counting from the launch of PlayStation 4, finally the Twitch PS4 app can be gotten on the PlayStation Store, with the capacity at about 51 megabytes.


There will no longer be the need to make use of Live from PlayStation (which had been restricting your viewing to fellow PS4 gamers) if you so choose to watch Twitch via a native app. As it has been promised, Twitch has launched a full-featured PS4 client which makes users able to tune into any stream, this is irrespective of the particular platform it is coming from.

It will bear resemblance if you at one point has enjoyed the Xbox app, but then there is a part of it which will assist you in finding PS4-specific broadcasters. At this moment of you reading it, the app is available, so how about giving it a fair shot if you proudly addicted to viewing games as much as you do playing them.

We’re bringing the full @Twitch experience to your PlayStation! #TwitchConKeynote

— Official TwitchCon (@TwitchConSF)

As said, it is essentially close in identity to the Twitch app already ready on Xbox One, this particularly is commendable, it is a big development since ever the time that worked really well. Even until this moment, PlayStation 4 users were stuck to employing the use of the Twitch website through the integrated browser. Now scan or the present, they now have the opportunity to savour the compete chat integration with emoticons, though definitely, what makes this even bigger is that they are more restricted to PlayStation streams.

Dedicated Twitch apps are also among the expectations we are nursing to be in the available list for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consequently this Fall. Feel free to drop your comment of your first impression of the Twitch PS4 app in the event of your decision to download it.

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