Reviewing The Latest Google’s Nexus 5X

The new CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has introduced the general public to the latest line of Nexus phones last month. Despite the fact that the company seems to be on yen push for the 5X heavily with television commercials as well as consumer-encouraging outreaches, I doubt if it could be adequately said to be the Android the general tech community is expecting.

Nexus 5x

LG and Google has come into working partnership to present its users with the latest version of Nexus. The Nexus 5X which is one of the flagship duo of the phones from Google is being attributed by the company as “the all-around champ.” There is less to says about this acclamation by the company as they also boast of the stuffs like the 5X would be “capturing the soul of the Nexus family.”


Yet what is prevalent in all this is that this is the a contemporary to the Apple’s iPhone 6S; thus the Google version. It is even about similar screen size, thus the question as to why it is getting such comparison are this satisfied. While that size and form factor is famous, the 5X can’t be said to make do to the aspirations of a top-class device. It is plastic and it has such feel. The device is light too, you could say it is even too light. When it comes to the country, it could be sold within the price range of N76,000 to even N90,000 and is even available on the Google Play Store.


lg Nexus 5x

The Nexus 5X boasts a 5.2 inch, FHD (1920 x 1080) LCD at 423 ppi screen. Sporting commendably solid Gorilla Glass 3 as well as that “fingerprint and smudge-resistant oleophobic coating” which we can’t wait to be a confirmed reality.   Measuring from what users would see, there is no difference in the rear camera as it is same 12.3 mexapixel one with 1.55 μm pixels and f/2.0 aperture, the same the 6P has. It could be used well for shooting scintillating 4K video. Google surely made the perfect choice the right in having LG and Huawai on the same page for cameras. Well said, it is kickingl powerhouse. The front-facing camera comprises of OK 5 megapixels. Not bad you will say, but if you are that staunch selfie-sympathizer, this may not be for you.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor comprises of a 2 GB of RAM, this maintains the fast speed performance of the phone, this is well aided by Android’s Marshmallow operating system. it comes in 32 or 16GB for storage, which is quite different from the 64 or 128 which the 6P boats. As such , the 16GB model can be rightly said to be very close counterpart of the iPhone 6S base model. With the weight of just136 grams, it is really light. There is the black, white and blue….or “Carbon, Quartz, Ice” colour versions of the phone.

The sound which emanates from the single speaker which is in the front is really not commendable but at least still performs the needed function. The 2700 mAh battery has the capacity to last for almost a full day at full use. Quite fortunately, Google has taken up the USB Type-C system, with this in place, it is easier for the user to go from practically no battery to 20% in barely minutes. We could applause this.


Nexus 5x camera

And now to the camera. Well it was a big concern for Google this year. Its Google Photos product is very functional when it gets to managing photos, so it is magnanimous that their flagship devices really boast amazing cameras.

When you consider the Nexus camera at over 12 megapixels? Fine, distinct pictures that could be deservedly given the thumbs up. Well, we can’t really say the front-facing camera going to put smiles on the face of selfie-takers. The 5 megapixels from the look of its performance seems not-so-smart feature to press the cost lower. Therefore it is questionable why the choice of making the rear camera standard between the two manufacturers, why not the front one?

The OS.

Nexus 5x os

Marshmallow was designed to operate on these devices and the other way round too. The most commendable aspect about choosing to buy this Nexus device is that there is the punctuality of going to acquire the most recent and most marvelous version of Android. Just for this reason it is vindicated if you have no time to put on shirt before you go and buy this phone.

All of Google’s designs are available pre-installed, which well favors the user for the fact tha when he is because if you’re purchasing this device, you prefer a “Google Phone.” This is the reality. When you power up this memorable device, you will be presented with the option of updating every Google app, although this might exhaust measurable time. It is certainly functional out of the box, but this is not best practices. It is best you just allow it to update.

When you want to carry out a search, you can very much performed this via every screen on the phone. It could be by shouting out “OK, Google” or preferably using the browser, as the Nexus 5X brings you in to information-finding mode fast.

The most recent feature that does well to exploit all Google has to offer is “Google Now On Tap.” The premise is easy to get. Should you be talking to your friend on Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, and you indicate that you prefer to grab a drink, you could keep your hands on the hold the home button for just some little seconds and then the information as regards what you are talking about is displayed.

Nexus 5x display

The long and short of it is that the Nexus 5X is not really a big shot neither is it a small shot either.

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