How to Change Newer, Older & Home Navigation Links With Image in Blogger

Changing of Older post, Newer post and Home Navigation links in blogger with icons and images is a nice and good trick to make your blog look more professional and beautiful. These Navigation links can be located beneath each post section in blogger.


Today, I want to show you how you can easily change those links to images. Below is a tutorial on how to do that.

“Important Notice: Always Back Up Your Templates before Making Any Changes On it”

#1. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template tab
#2. Now find the code in red lines and replace them with codes in green as shown below:-

Replace with
<img src='' alt='Next Post'/>

2.<data:olderPageTitle/> Replace with <img src='' alt='Previous Post'/>
3.<data:homeMsg/> Replace with <img src='' alt='Home'/>

Now preview and save your template.
Then the link must appear on your blog as shown in the image below.


In case you have your own icons you want to use, you can change that by changing the icon url in the code above with yours.

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