Add Skype Button to Your Blog to Receive Voice Calls & Instant Messages

With Skype, subscribers can call each other for free, while calling of people who don’t use the service attract low-cost. Apart from calling, Skype also allows texting, file transfer, video conferencing and video chat.

Add Skype Button to Your Blog

As a blogger with many visitors, you can add Skype button to you blog to enable your blog visitors get in touch with just a click of a button. They will be able to get across to you via a voice call or an instant message with their computer or mobile phone.

Adding Skype Button to your blog is quite easy, all you need is to generate a code from Skype website and then paste it where you want the button to appear. This post is centered on how bloggers using Blogger/Blogspot platform can add it to their blogs. Bloggers using other blogging platform only need to copy the code and then paste it wherever they want it to appear on their blog/website.

The first thing to do is to go to Skype Developer Area @ to generate Skype contact widget. On getting to the Skype Developer page, the following information would be required.

1. Enter your Skype Name

The first information you would be required to provide is your Skype Name. If you don’t have account with Skype, click on the ‘Sign up now’ link to register an account.

2. Choose what you’d like your button to do

Here, you see two options i.e. Call and Chat. At default, the start a call with just a click box has been marked. The Call option allows your blog/website visitors to give you a call by clicking on the widget, while the Chat option will allow them to initiate a chat with you. You can decide to check the two boxes or check one at your discretion.

Before you proceed, check:

3. Choose how you want your button to look

You have the option to change to button color and size. You can decide to use white or blue color, and likewise choose one out of the sizes available.

4. Copy and paste code below

Finally copy and paste the code wherever you chose to use it.

How to Add Skype Widget to Blogger

Go to >> Layout >> Add a Gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript and paste the coding in the HTML text area. Once everything is done press the “Save” button located at the bottom of the window. That’s all.

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