Get Rid of ‘’ from Your Feedburner URL

Most bloggers use Feedburner to manage and provide custom RSS or Atom feeds. Some years back, I just discovered my blog feedburner URL always have instead of my blog address (i.e. my feedburner URL looks like – /~3/4TTZD8QDvUc/do-you-fear-success.html instead of


I didn’t know the settings I made then, and when I contacted a fellow blogger, he told me I can no longer change it. I also use search engines maybe I can get a solution to it, but all prove abortive. Not until when I configured RSS Graffiti to share my blog contents on Facebook and I noticed the…/abc/12345.html, but it doesn’t happen to my other blogs. Though the link will go to the original post, but it has implications.

One of the implications I know for sure is that it’s bad for SEO – When scrappers throw your excerpt on their site, no link juice will pass to you. Another scenario is when you and a blogger exchange link and your blog address is added to the blogger’s Blog Roll, your latest post link will always have the scrawl URL at the front.

This always happen to bloggers who want their feed click through analytics reports measured in the Google Analytics, Google will modify the RSS URL to that long scrawl URL for them to measure and give report of feed stats in Google Analytics. Since I don’t need the Google Analytics report regarding my feeds, I removed the feature and my RSS URL became clean.

Getting rid of the from your RSS URL is quite easy; all you have to do is uncheck the option. Go to Analyse ==> Configure Stat ==> under the Item Clicks; uncheck the “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics”. If it seems like the link wasn’t removed, uncheck everything.

Remove Feedproxy from Feedburner Url

By now the should have been replaced with your blog address. If changes don’t appear in few minutes, clear your browser cache.

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