How to Become a Billionaire

Most of us ask ourselves many times question such as “How can I become a billionaire?” I know you must have thought of becoming a billionaire and even search for ways to become one. But trust me, becoming billionaire is not that simple, but it requires some efforts. Today, I want to share a post with you on how you can and will become one.

Before I proceed, I want to ask a question. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Am sure there is no man in his/her right senses that don’t want to be rich. But if you’re a type of person that doesn’t want riches, don’t bother yourself to continue reading this post. However, if you wish and want to become a billionaire then continue reading.


Do you think becoming a billionaire seems impossible? No, you can and you will. But you need to have a “plan” and be a person of “action”. What I mean by the word plan is that you should begin now not tomorrow. You don’t need to procrastinate what you ought to do now till tomorrow.

I discover that the difference between a billionaire and mere man is that billionaires know how to do it right while others don’t know how. Every business in the world (online and offline) can become a money minting machine only if you are taking the right path. You don’t need to work and work before you make it. You can become a billionaire by just working along with that passion you have provided you’re ready to work side by side with it.

We all dream of becoming a better person, but only few will become it. Why? The reason is because we all want to get rich fast but yet we’re not ready to use our brains. So if you really want to be free from your financial crises, you must be ready to stop assuming and stop planning the future. Planning the future simply means you’re setting up high hopes for yourself, and most high hopes and expectations always end in disappointments. Get me right, I don’t meant you shouldn’t set goals and plan, but what I mean is that you should set one before time , do something and then plan ahead.

Books written about how to become billionaire have one point in common. The common point is “Confidence”. Confidence simply means you should belief in yourself. Believing in yourself is the best thing you can do, you must believe in yourself, abilities and work to make money.

Failure is another instrument used by billionaires. Check all the people that have made it to the Forbes rich list, they always encounter failure again and again, but despite the failure or mistake they make, they never quit and lose focus. To become a billionaire, you need to have a strong focus that ordinary failure or mistake won’t make you lose. In order not to lose focus, you need to motivate yourself daily so that that fire within you don’t quench.

If you want big houses, fine cars, travel to bigger cities and the rest, make a picture of your need and paste it in your bedroom so that you will keep reminding yourself about your dream and that will help you stay focus. This method has work for many people and it is still working. You also need to be disciplined with your savings and expenses. With hard work and consistency in your work, you will definitely reach your dreams.

Young Billionaires Stories
If you are among the people who think one needs to cross the age of 35 before becoming billionaire. Have a look at these two names. Recently the title of youngest billionaire belongs to Albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel, 12th Prince of Thurn and Taxis at the age of 27. This title was stolen from him by Mark Zuckerberg, at the age of 26, founder of Facebook. Mark’s total wealth as per 2010 is USD 4 billion and $17.5 billion as of 2011which makes him the youngest person to become a billionaire.
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Finally, by now I hope you have the tips on becoming a billionaire? Though there are many ways to become a billionaire, you just need to have vision and work smart. In order to make it fast, you need to spend time with people who have already made it.

N:B:>> Don’t run after money, instead run after work and passion, with these, money will automatically follow.

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