How to Enable/Disable Anonymous Comments On Blogger

Majority of blog owners love readers’ participation via commenting. Bloggers using Blogger/Blogspot blogging platform need to know that allowing anonymous comments on their blogs will increase readers’ participation. But when the blog has fully grown to a popular one, spammers will use this means to post abusive comments, share spamming links and so on all undercover of the “Anonymous” option.


This tutorial is mainly for newbies, experts don’t need to be taught how they can enable/block anonymous comment on their blogger blogs.

Wish to enable/Disable anonymous comments on your blogger blog?  At default, blogger blogs are always set not to allow anonymous users to comment, but this can be undone easily without any technical work involved.

Steps to Enable/Disable Anonymous Comments on Blogger

  1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to enable/disable Anonymous Comments on
  2. Go to Settings >>Posts and Comments. You should see something similar to the picture below:enable-or-disable-anonymous-comments-on-blogger
  3. Set the “Who can Comment” option to “Anyone” (if you want to enable anonymous comments on your blog) orRegistered User” (if you want to enable anonymous comments on your blog) and click on Save.

Go to any post comment section on your blog to confirm the changes.

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