Solution to Facebook not Sharing Post Correct Title, Description or Image

This morning, I made some changes in one of my older posts, and I decided to share the post on Facebook, but I later discover that the updated description doesn’t show up, instead the outdated description did.


I research and later discover that Facebook has cache the page and it will take some time before it will be updated. So in order to make Facebook show the correct description, I have to force them to re-cache my page data. I was able to make Facebook to update its cache for my post with the help of Facebook debugger.  

Facebook debugger makes it easy to update your Facebook values after you’ve made changes or discover Facebook is using out-dated information.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to use Facebook debugger to force Facebook to update cache of your page data:

  1. Open the Facebook debugger website
  2. Copy and paste the post URL into the debugger
  3. Finally, click on Debug.

If you follow the simple steps above carefully, Facebook should now be displaying the updated picture, title or description of the post.

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