Top 5 Hotels in Nigeria

A lot of people travel to different places they have never been before either for business or for pleasure, and on getting to these places, they need a place to lay their heads for the night or even relax from their long trips and this is why hotels are richly patronized in most countries of the world and even in Nigeria. Below is a list of some of the best hotels in Nigeria.

Radisson Blu

The Radisson Blu Hotel is located in Victoria Island, Lagos in Lagos State, Nigeria. The hotel was sited in an area that is suited for both business and leisure. From the hotel, one can have a view and even reach any of the major organizations and/or corporations and sites of attraction and tourism in the Lagos metropolis. The Radisson Blu hotel is situated at the very centre of Lagos city.

The hotel has close to a hundred and seventy (170) rooms and suites within its structures. Each room or suite in the hotel is made of a Scandinavian design which so happens to be in vogue these days. The dishes prepared in the hotel are tasty and quite delicious. Other great spots in the hotel include the swimming pool, the spa and the gym where customers can visit to keep fit. Another really cool thing is that the hotel has free Wi-Fi.

InterContinental Hotel Lagos

The InterContinental Hotel is another one of the best hotels there are in Nigeria. The hotel just like Radisson Blu is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos specifically on Kofo Abayomi Street, Plot 52. The InterContinental Hotel is well sited such that it provides a really good view of the seaside and the Lagos Port. This hotel is one hotel that will guarantee its customers a luxurious and comfortable service during their stay in its premises.

At present, the main objective of the hotel’s management is to take the hotel to a height of commercial accomplishment and to move the establishment to a higher level in the days to come. Working personnel within the hotel deliver their services to clients with the use of technology and they deliver deep knowledge regarding culture to their customers.

The Wheatbaker

Another great hotel in Nigeria is known as the Wheatbaker. It is located in Lagos city, Lagos State at a spot where access to any part of the city is suited to comfort. It does not matter what you think you need; it can be gotten within the hotel’s establishment. As soon as you are checked into the hotel, all of its services are available to you including the hotel’s massage room, spa, swimming pool, steam room, and don’t forget the bar by the side of the pool where you can get refreshing drinks.

Services and amenities in this hotel are provided at its best. There is 24/7 service through phone. Wheatbaker is very concerned with the comfort and security of its customers and they also provide recreational opportunities.

Sheraton Abuja

Without any doubt, this is one of the best resorts in Nigeria. Sheraton service exceeds all expectations. Their dedicated staff serves carefully and unobtrusively and this makes you wish to stay in the hotel for longer

Sheraton Abuja is another one of the best hotels you can find in Nigeria. It is located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. The services that are offered by this hotel is unmatched in most hotels within and outside the country. The staff within the establishment tend to offer services to clients without the client’s noticing that they were even there as they do so in a discreet and careful manner.

If you are one who enjoys privacy, a life of adventure and cool life experiences, then this is definitely the hotel for you. Sheraton has a lot of resorts within and outside the country. The hotel has a total of five hundred and forty (540) rooms and suites.

Transcorp Hilton Abuja

When you talk of the best hotels and resorts in Nigeria, do not make the mistake of mentioning Transcorp Hilton which is located at the very centre of the commercial region in the nation’s capital which is Abuja. The hotel provides the best views of the city combined with a tremendous level of service delivery for its customers. Also, the establishment provides its clients with outstanding and delicious Nigerian meals. Another thing is, the price a customer gets to pay for a night at the hotel is considerably affordable irrespective of its luxurious nature.

The structures available within the hotel include fitness gyms, playgrounds for kids, rooms for business meetings, stylish rooms, and spa. If ever you are to visit Abuja either for business purposes or for a vacation, this is one hotel you need to check into.

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