Mozilla to start blocking Flash content in Firefox

Mozilla has jumped on the teasing of tech giants campaigning against Adobe Flash. Already Google and Microsoft have made the headlines earlier on after declaring hostilities against the Adobe Flash content on the web.

Tracking back into time, Adobe flash use to deserve the thumbs up for being quite innovative as Flash plugin. But so far fast forward to today, its associated bottlenecks are sucking its juices up; with its usefulness paling against its hitches. Hitches like unstable leading to browser crashes, increased power consumption and poor performance have notoriously painted Adobe in the wrong light. And just like Chrome, as well as Edge, Firefox will be joining the band wagon in blocking Flash content.

What is looking to succeed Adobe Flash is HTML5. The implication being that a good number of the operations possible with Flash plugins are now equally possible within the HTML equivalent; and it actually boasts a more efficient performance.

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