Facebook Messenger hits 1 billion monthly users

Facebook at the moment is hitting milestone after milestone. Mark Zuckerberg and his infantry of Facebook-owned apps are taking almost the full world prisoners of war. Facebook is one of the biggest online hostels, and many of us have a bunk there. But Facebook is yet belch in satisfaction, it is trying as much as possible to kidnap more users, getting us addicted to Facebook such that not even the Pope’s anointing oil can set us free.

Just back in February, Facebook-owned WhatsApp had made announcement of more than one billion users who are active each month. This was actually the second Facebook property to have attained that landmark following Facebook itself.

Facebook Messenger hits 1 billion monthly users

And just today a third member of the Facebook empire can now officially make claim to the same accomplishment. Here we are referring to the Messenger here. Officially, Messenger now has 1 billion users club too!

And in celebration, Messenger now made available a fresh floating balloon gift for our relish. What you just need do send a balloon emoji to any of your friends, if you do this, the animation should appear rather automatically. This ballon stuff for sure to be temporary.

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