Introducing the Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office Just Enacted Its Most Significant Change in 30 Years.


Over 1.2 billion people make use if Office for almost everything ranging from just word processing to personal finances even down to powerful number crunching. It is rightly said that the Office serves a lot of miscellaneous functions just like the Windows itself.

Microsoft has over the years been slowly evolving, gradually improving itself in stages of its past versions, Office 2016 is a closer reality of perfection. While the Office 2013 emboldens Microsoft’s approach to storing your documents in a cloud with some added touch improvement, Office 2016 is a bolder and more convenient approach to sharing files across all devices. Office is no longer just limited to laptops and desktops PC, it is rather everywhere. You could now create a Office file on your PC and then make tweaks to it on your tablet or phone without the concerns of moving the file through manual means into other devices. This is the best compatibility thereof, the way Office 2016 weds the cloud perfectly.

Microsoft’s Office software suite exceeding any other productivity app has controlled greatly the manner with which we work. For many years, workplace collaboration has involved forming a file, then sending via email to another party who in turn alters it to an extent and then they send it back. At the end of this menu of activities, you see that you have ended up with two copies of the file after you have patiently waited for it to zip around the net. This has not really been helpful and with the launch of the office 2016, Microsoft has the strong intention to end all this.

The General Manager of Office Apps and Product Marketing, Jared Spataro has put into description the last 30 years of Microsoft Office in the ‘me work’ category describing the Office 2016 rather as a ‘we work’.

“Because it’s now a cloud-based service, we deliver it to customers in an entirely new way,” Spataro says.

Just a moment there, don’t break a sweat about this yet. Despite the fact that the new office is cloud hosted, it doesn’t remove it from being a software suite which you could install on your computer. This is quite different from Google’s collaborative apps that operates inside a browser, for with the new edition of Office, programs you have been married to in usage for years will not differ in function and look greatly comparing to the previous versions you were accustomed to. With the inconveniences that were brought to surface when Windows 8’s start button went missing ( and the consequent celebration when it returned in Windows 10)’ it wouldn’t be void to say that Microsoft has been well educated from experience about flirting with with its foundational functionality of its products.

When you press the new “Share” button located at the top-right corner of standbys like PowerPoint, Excel, a collection of new functional files would pop up. Below the these popped up features is a drop-down that gives the recipients the opportunity to edit or view. Next, there is a window menu which allows you type a message- say an email to the party who you are interested in sharing the file with. And on a finishing line, there is a list if people who have access to that file for work purposes.

This one-click sharing functionality could look quite straightforward but then the way it is implemented brings into the scene an unprecedented approach to work for Office users. But for you to share this files, it is required of you to hits them in Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive. Should you prefer to save them on your computer, you loses the feature of sharing them with your work partners, but you could resolve by uploading the file to cloud.

The integration of Skype unravels a fresh working aura about Office 2016. For instance when you hover your cursor over the names of people whom you have shared access to a particular file, a pop-up allows you see ways through you could reach that person as well as video and voice chat. It is a seamless manner to inculcate Skype into Microsoft Office without isolating users into sole working companion as it previously were.

If you share a file with someone who has Office 2016, multiple users could work on it all at the same time and most ravishingly, the edits appear live within the app. This shares resemblance with Google Docs. On the other hand, if the person doesn’t have office 2016, he could open the file in a browser-based edition of the app; thus removing the question about compatibility which accompanies major upgrades similar this.

Are there other features here to enjoy than this?There are useful additions this time, Microsoft has added more intelligent features to Word this time; these features aren’t more cosmetic than functional they look equally as good in both flashiness and use. Clippy is missing from the returnees, so there is less haunting for your documents; but then the fresh Tell Me feature uses very helpful ingredients of Clippy. Tell Me helps you to search for a task or feature you are lost to how to locate bringing up the option. For example, if a user is finding it difficult to insert a chart, simply search for “how do I insert a chart” or a related search query and it is quickly sorted out with the resolution coming up in the chart option revealed. I find the new array of features and options pleasurably overbearing. We are forbidden to forbid this!

One of the new apps to really seem not to take idea of sharing and cloud-power documents is Sway. This is coming into the Office setup for the first time, and could be say to the one of the most impressive talking points of this Office 2016. Sway gives anyone the opportunity to fathom colorful website astonishing in beauty from just text and images without efforts. I have eaten some dishes of fun creating something really rasping in barely minutes. It is very much web base too, and for this there is almost no need for an application to access Sway. You can now insert pictures, tweets, charts and even videos amongst other plenty options. It is an engrossing resolution between PowerPoint and Word which offers an interactive webpage as the output. Office is not even a ticket to access thus, it is free of charge; all available online.

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