How to Enjoy WIFI Better

At times unwanted hitches might come up when you move WIFI router around office or home at those moments when you want to maximize signal coverage. There is the possibility of Wi-Fi signals been weakened or even blocked by a number of factors. These sad factors could end up inflicting the users with weak signal and even pushing them to the ugly extremes of a unreliable internet connection on their Wi-Fi enabled device. Wi-Fi signals could come in the form of short radio waves, with just one Wi-Fi router which generally has a range of say 50 meters. The strength of the Wi-Fi signal diminishes as the signals travel away from the router, even coming in hindrance from walls as any other barriers. Experts have looked into this predicament, cooking up juicy solutions on how these limitations could be limited. The measures resorted to are:


1.Place router in the open.

To begin with in the move to jump over this hurdle is to position the router close to the centre of the office or the house ( as the case may be). This way the signal strength is well shared across the building. It is essential to ensure that it is in the open, and not kind of enclosed behind some walls or even bookcases. It is preferable to employ the line of sight to calculate the best spacious position for the router .

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2.Keep router off the ground

On the basis that a lot of routers are made in a such a way that they broadcast waves a little downwards, so it brings in additional effectiveness when you place routers above the ground say on elevated surfaces. This is because the signals Wi-Fi routers emit don’t have the penetrative strength to go through metal, floors and concrete.

3.Keep router away from other electronics

There is also the chance that electronics may interfere with the signal from the router. With this in mind, we can say that computers, microwaves, television sets as well devices working with a motor all interrupt the ability to catch signals. As such it is not best to keep routers to be positioned closed to any of these devices.

4.P oint router antennas in different directions

A lot of routers have two antennas, you can want to place one horizontally and the other vertically.

The best working condition of devices is when their antennas are positioned in a parallel direction to that of the router’s; and then the horizontal or vertical antenna placement makes the best of this. The internal antennas of a laptop are directed horizontally while the antennas of a tablet or a smartphone depending on how you place the device could either be vertical or horizontal.

5. Measure signal strength

Should problems arise as to the connection of the router, measure the strength of the Wi-Fi signal around your office or house or generally the location where the router is made use of. There are various options when it comes to availability of apps which could determine the strength of the signal; even helping you determine weak spots.

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