Lock your Private Photos Away on your Smartphone

Pictures are a perfect fridge for the past, preserving memories long gone. But not every picture you have should be in the public picture album in the sitting room. Some are meant for just two eyes- yours; and not even for your kids to look through freely on your smartphone. It must not be a skeleton picture you are trying to hide in the cupboards of your phone, just some pictures which are more colorful if private. So how can you keep your pictures private?


There are a lot of situations whereby someone doesn’t earn the right amount of trust to exert total intrusion into your phone or even your pictures. The co-founder of the app KeepSafe (which protects private photos) has also created KeepSafe to maintain a separation between his personal photos and his professional photos, so that his coworkers can view his photos without trespassing into his personal photos.

The version of KeepSafe which comes at no cost locks your photos behind a PIN pad, so that you now have the ability to dictate who sees and who doesn’t see your pictures. When you open the app, just select the pictures you intend to conceal from public view, then remove them via deleting from your regular photo app. There is also the avenue for you to lock up videos as well. Inside KeepSafe, you can as well create slideshows and share photos. You could as well snap pictures from inside the app. In addition to this, your videos and photos are very convened to bring into public view again with just some few taps. This app is quite controversial for your kids to use in hiding pictures from you.

The user could create a second PIN for a decoy album to serve situations like someone keeping tabs on you and nourishes the desire to take a look in your KeepSafe app. The premium KeepSafe has the capacity to disguise itself in the resemblance of a utility app. So that if someone attempts the wrong PIN so as to access your KeepSafe albums, you could program it to snap their picture even recording what interval the incorrect PIN was put in.

This app is a receipt to ownership of my phone as you will see only see what I see you fit to see!

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