Best Online Tools to Know Everything About a Website

Do you want to know the full details of a website? Here are some helpful online tools that will assist you know them.

web-tools — You can make use of Just Ping to know if a certain website can be accessed from other countries. In a way quite dissimilar to other online ping services in other locations, Just Ping possesses 30 monitoring stations across the globe with the inclusion of Egypt, Turkey and China. When the Ping output says 100% Packet Loss, that most possibly means the site can not be accessed from that region.

Whois: If you have interest in knowing the contact address, phone number and even the email of the website owner, the free will make a nice option. This lookup service with universal operation such that it can at one time query the whois database of all famous domain registrars.

Recommended: Discover the Volume of Traffic a Website Receives. —Enter the URL of any website and this online service will reveal to you the name of the company as well as what location the website is hosted. This may have its usefulness when you are in need of information as to the contact of the web hosting provider for the purpose of writing a DMCA Notice or say you want to switch web hosts. — Popuri comes in very handy when you want to compare the popularity of social sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook among themselves. Popuri will also show you the Google Pagerank of a website as well as the Web of Trust matrix. — If a copyright complaint against a website comes up,a copy of that letter is collected and kept in the Chilling Effects database. There is no restrictions as to who and who could query this database which has public access- seeking all the copyright infringement complaints which have been filed against a specific website. — You can come into the knowledge of the physical location of a website, the hosting provider, and even the IP Address change history of a website not excluding its DNS information. Netcraft provides reports of such resemblance too. — Ewhois which is a shortened form for enhanced whois lookup, promises to assist you in determining other websites a particular person has. The whois details from what it seems, as well as the Google Analytic code of a website ( used in figuring out other web domain) may all link in ownership to one person. — Make use of this tool when you want to have a knowledge of a website’s technology stack. It will help you calculate the domain’s mail service provider, the tracking widgets and the advertising partners that are installed on a website and the option if the site is making use of any CDN of the likes of Google Cloud and Amazon. — SEMrush has proven itself to be a nice tool in running checks on a website with which you are locked in competition. This tool will make a great use in seeing what organic words people make use of in locating a website and even what traffic of the sites in top of the competition. — In the occasion of the purchase of a new domain, or even a switch from one host to another, the DNS takes note of the domain change and it may exhaust some time to disperse these changes globally. WhatsMyDNS goes through your DNS records from different locations. It takes into cognizance the MX records, CNAME of a domain,even the domains’s A. — This app which works online will play a helping role in testing how well your website works with different web browsers as well as detecting the coding errors that could have posed problems. The site is embedded with BrowserStack so you don’t have problems in knowing the look of your site on various browsers and devices. — Get to see the speed of the page of any website on both mobile devices and desktop. The size of the number is well connected to better performance, high numbers the better. The Google tool other than this, provides suggestion on means to go about improving the score. — Is a store of all metrics connected to the performance of a website. It stores information regarding the size of pages, the average load time of the pages, the number of failed requests over time.

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