‘Google Fortunetelling’ Set up to Raise Refugee Awareness

Introducing the ‘Google fortune-telling website’ , built with the aim of raising refugee awareness.


‘Google Fortunetelling’ Is Not What You Think: It Won’t Predict Your Future

No one knows about tomorrow! But this is not because no one wants to know about tomorrow. Over time man has made sincere efforts to know what lies beyond the horizons of the sky, man wishes to spy into the wardrobe of fate to know what costumes tomorrow would wear, whether tomorrow would be ugly or beautiful! And now some intelligent persons has taken advantage of this; launching Google Fortunetelling.

The revelation behind this is amazing as the site is just an intelligent web imposter yet with good purposes.

The design of the website is such that it draws attention to the sad condition of refugees which was brought into play by the current migrant crisis Europe is facing.

The URL (betagoogle.com) has its registration to the Netherlands and Chrome is flagging it as carrying possible harm for some users, much of this can be traced down to the copyright concerns of using Google’s name and new logo. Yet it is not likely that Google will take any public legal action yet as the company itself has been playing a grand role in fundraising to address the unsettling impact of the crisis.

The way it works is that when the visitor opens the site, it suggest to you to ask a question pertaining to your future, but when you start typing, it fills it automatically to “where can I find a safe place?” And then the alternative questions suggested underneath this are just are concern-triggering – “Will I be reunited with my family?” and “Is there a place I can give my children a safe future?”

Upon the disappearance of this list of harrowing questions, you are again directed to an explanation of the true essence behind the existence of the website: a medium to bring to the big screen the worries which an uncertain future carries.


In addition to this, the website carries link to UNHCR– the official UN’s refugee agency, providing extra information on what steps you could take to help ease the burden of Europe’s current refugee and migrant crisis.

“We are very happy that people care about this problem and are sharing it and creating awareness around the world,” Jort Boot who is the owner of BrainMedia, the company behind the website, told Digiday.

The whole nerve behind the ‘Google fortune-telling’ move was to drag unknowing initial visitors into locating the site, as well as encouraging them in disguise to share it. So far we can’t say the move was a failure as within a very few span of time, it had gotten 731 tweets according to Topsy.

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