How to Send Mail Merge Like Mass Emails via Gmail in Chrome

Learn the process of sending Mail Merge Like Mass Emails through Gmail in Chrome.


Services like MailChimp have really taken chunk Of hitches from the procedures of sending out newsletters. Their services generally cater for everything with even amazing templates. Yet they might not necessarily suit you. To begin with, there is MailChimp branding through and through. So there is the chance of the emails finishing up as “Promotions” tab in Gmail. In addition to this, should you decide to send messages in bulk of 100 emails very often even without order, MailChimp may present bottlenecks.

Practically, if you take the option of using gmail to send bulk emails, mail merge style, GMass is the perfect spouse for you in this duty.

What Is GMass?

GMass basically is a Chrome extension and at present, it is free to use. What GMass typically does is that it allows you create very basic mail merge style emails adequately within Gmail. As regards customization, the way it works now is just restricted to last name and first name, but there are hopes that more features would soon come in. GMass tunes the message such that it resembles when you personally craft it with individual recipients in mind.

Limitation with GMass: For the fact that GMass is essentially distributing individual emails using Gmail, it is therefore reduced to adhering to Gmail’s guidelines which stipulates that the sender could only send 500 emails for each day on a personal account or a Google App account would provide the sender with the opportunity to send exactly a maximum of 2000 emails everyday.

How to Use GMass

To start using GMass, the intending user will first download the Chrome extension and go to Gmail website. Choose the Compose button. Should a GMass come into view in the button, it is an indication that the extension is installed and ready to kick off.

If it is your first time of opening Gmail following the installation of GMass, it will prompt you to activate GMass. Simply take your functional account and then you are good to go.

gmass now

Before you start, you will be required to add every email address you intend as recipient, to your contacts. It is necessary to add the first and last name. This is data GMass employs in customizing the email. If this is not done, the title will turn out empty. When you have gotten your contacts ready, begin simply by putting them in the To section one by one.

Now is the process of crafting the email proper. Compose the email of your preference, but this time keep the places for last name and first name empty. Rather, type in (FirstName) and (LastName). Doing this will at once put in the first name and last name of the intended recipient of the individual email.


GMass Options

Now you could simply click the GMass button and the process of crafting individual emails working on the provided details and will begin sending them. Yet there are some options you shouldn’t be unaware of.

Click the little up-arrow button. You will see options for arranging the emails for later, saving them as drafts rather than sending to disable or enable tracking,


One big attractive option about this is sending the email not as a new message but as a reply message. If you have already opened a conversation with the recipients, it will be delivered as a reply. This shows that it will displayed on a thread looking like it was personally crafted even though it really wasn’t!

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