Leaked Galaxy S7 shows waterproofing and wireless charging

Samsung’s Indonesian arm seems to have b

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Leaked Galaxy S7 shows off waterproofing and wireless charging

een in too a hurry to show off the Galaxy S7; as they have leaked details of it a week earlier than officially intended.

Going by the official rumors circulating, it seems the Galaxy S7 would bear close similarity to 2015’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, doing well to present a curved-screen Edge variant on show, one of the wonders to come along with this phone is a wireless charging pad and the miraculous astonishing that the phone could be waterproof.

A teaser website also sourcing its location from Indonesia made confirmations as to the name Galaxy S7 (with a sentence which was long ago removed) providing us with clues: a page showing bubbles not excluding the caption “worry-less discovery” is advanced justification for the claim f waterproofing, while a lock icon and “experience privacy at its finest” stands in place to provide extra security, and “bring light to the night” alongside an image of a camera lens may mean better low-light photography.

Samsung as we know will officially unveil the Galaxy S7 marks the 21st of February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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