Hackers are holding a California hospital’s network hostage for $3.6 million

The computers at a Los Angeles hospital for over a week have been forced off operation following a ransomware which crept into its internal network. This has led to the sad occasion of patients being transferred to other hospitals owing or the experience of the outage, equally connected medical devices and portals have been thrown offline.
According to reports, the The attackers have submitted a request demanding asked for a sum exceeding $3.6 million to put work to the task of decrypting the system including the the hospital’s files.

Hackers are holding a California hospital’s network hostage for $3.6 million

On the manner the attack blew up into large-scale mishap as well as what nature of was causing casualties on the system so far, rationality points to a hospital staffer could possibly have ignorantly clicked on a malicious link which could also take the form of an attachment consequently aiding the malware in traveling through he full system.


In recent time past, this is quite a big leap against conventions though this is not the first commercialized attack instigated against a public institution. Public schools and even police departments around the world have been attacked one time or the other via means hence FBI feels it is easier for victims to just pay up.

On the side of virtue though, this is surely not the best means for a hacker to use his skills.

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