Latest Galaxy S7 secrets come straight from a Samsung employee

Disclosures as to leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are really rushing in as we get closer to the much anticipated February announcement of the unprecedented flagship phone – as JustNaira has its ears rubbing the ground, we could catch the latest details or leaks to the phone but this time coming from an source we wouldn’t expect.

Latest Galaxy S7 secrets come straight from a Samsung employee

Latest Galaxy S7 secrets come straight from a Samsung employee

A South Korean report raises attention to a Samsung employee as the principal source of the leak. According to these claims, the Galaxy S7 will present a black chassis for a more premium feel, with the giant source of attraction likely to be the camera and its possible capacity to take good low-light shots.

According to rumours, Galaxy S7 will feature a 12MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture which would equip it enough to exploit the most of available lighting. The Galaxy S6 boasts an increased megapixel count rated at 16MP, but dragging more from the reports, Samsung has procured significant lens improvements on the S7, one of such development comes in the use of a new sensor.

Other rumours contribute suggestions that the phone will be dust-resistant and waterproof , but then the employee didn’t reveal much details as to what IP level. In addition to this, the Galaxy S7 could be presented with a microSD card slot, but then there is no certainty as to if this will be limited to 128GB.

Sprung a leak

As to category of colour, the Galaxy S7 could be black, gold white, and silver . This very source from which this report arise points to a release date of the phone as early as March release date.
This is a small compilation of all we have gathered so far about the Samsung Galaxy S7 so far

Our Verdict:
Let me say from what I have seen so far, the galaxy S7 is a big approach towards perfection, but then a seemingly exorbitant price as well as an unpredictable battery is not really toonemcoiraging.


Wonderful for media
Commendably sharp screen
Daringly powerful camera


Battery not really impressive
Really costly.

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