1 billion Apple devices are in active use around the world

Yesterday, Apple revealed a fresh milestone attained by company milestone during its first-quarter earnings results: the total number of active Apple devices has risen beyond 1 billion. Of course we know Apple has shipped devices whose number run into billion in the past; just in November 2014, the company sold its billionth iOS device. But the interpretation of this statistics is that the active number suggests at least 1 billion devices — this would the Apple Watch , iPad, the Mac and iPhone — are in constant use, checking in with iCloud as well as interacting with the App Store.

1 billion Apple devices are in active use around the world

1 billion Apple devices are in active use around the world

“The growth of our services business accelerated during the quarter to produce record results, and our installed base recently crossed a major milestone of one billion active devices,” wrote CEO Tim Cook in a statement. The company’s “other products” category, which encompasses the newly revamped Apple Watch and Apple TV , prompted the most impressive growth this past quarter with a jump in sales put at 62 percent bringing it to $4.3 billion.


The iPhone maintains its place as the center of Apple’s business. The company procured the sales of 74.78 million iPhones in Q1 2016, by far the biggest contributor to its $18.4 billion in profit on sales of $75.9 billion. That distinctively tags it as the most profitable quarter of any single public corporation since time immemorial.

Yet in all this, Apple’s second-quarter forecast signal a loss in growth pace in Phone sales (we have not seen this before now), and the company’s predictions also include its first year-over-year revenue drop counting back 13 years. All the more factor behind Apple finding new iOS products to sell consumers so as to maintain its active install base over 1 billion.

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