Safari browser crashing on iPhones, iPads and Macs worldwide on Wednesday

Have you noticed on your Safari that when you launch a new tab in the web browser then attempt typing into the address bar, it would crash the built-in browser, even transferring you back to the device’s home screen.

Apple’s Safari browser suddenly crashed on iPhones, iPads and Macs worldwide on Wednesday

Globally, users have been complaining posting complaints on to Twitter, Apple forums and Reddit.

The issue shares connection to the browser’s search suggestions feature, as well as a temporary fix entails going into the settings menu so as to off Safari suggestions.

So far, it is not every computer that is suffering from this bug. It is not certain as to whether the problem shared relationship with the update for iOS which earlier the week was released.

Some users who have gotten in touch with us even complained further that they were coerced into downloading the Chrome browser instead, a product of Apple rival Google.

Apple claims it has solved the problem.

So far things have not been rolling well for Apple in the last 24 hours- overnight it announced strong indications as to a possible decline in iPhone sales for the first time since the smartphone’s launch in 2007.

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