How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

The procedures to follow to execute the reset of an iPhone or iPad to factory settings: delete all personal data, videos, and photos.

In the incidence where you are a prospective seller of an iPad or iPhone or even repairing it, it is possible you may prefer removing every of your email, photos, passwords,videos, notes, as well as any other personal data. Here in this article, we show you a guide as to how you could back up that data even resetting your iOS device to factory settings.

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

No matter the circumstance; be it you’re taking your iPhone or iPad for repair or selling your device, best practice suggests you should reset it to delete your accounts – this would include your Apple ID, Facebook, ebay, email as well as any other concerned accounts – erasing every of your content including apps, music, and photos. Now let us learn how to reset an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to factory settings.

Reset an iPhone or iPad using Settings, General, Reset, Erase all content and settings. Needed as a strict requirement for the exercise is your passcode and Apple ID before the completion of the process.

How to soft reset an iPhone or iPad

In the event of your phone being locked up and you simply intend to restart it but with no functioning buttons, you could hold the power button and home button down ( the two buttons at once) until the time the device turns off with the Apple logo coming into view. After this, let go and your phone or iPad will be restored to normalcy.

How to back up an iPhone

This doesn’t really suffice if you use iCloud, as it is practically best to make a full backup by means of creating connection between your iPad or iPhone to your computer, unlocking it, and then waiting for it to show up in iTunes, after which you could click on it in the left-hand pane. This will cause the Summary screen to open, after which you will see Backups section. Without much ado, click the Back Up Now button. (Should you want all your passwords to be saved, Check the Encrypt iPhone backup box if .)

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

How to reset an iPhone

The moment you are through with that , you can start the reset exercise. Something not cool to forget is removing your SIM card before you pass on the iPhone or iPad on; it is possible to have information stored on it, as you may still choose to continue with it in a new at key or phone.

Here we’ve made use of an iPhone running iOS 9 but it is all the same equally on an iPad as well a very identical exercise in older versions.

Step 1. Choose Settings, then tap on General. Scroll down till the Reset option comes into sight. ( you can also pull down in Settings and search for Reset In iOS 9.)

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Click on Erase All Content and Settings. Based on whether you’ve set a Restrictions Passcode or Passcode, it could be necessary to input that code or password so as to erase and reset it. It is practically impossible to reset the device except you enter the code(s).

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

Step 3. At this interval, you will be needed to enter your Apple ID password. The essence is that the account can be taken off your device, and Find My iPhone can be switched off. If it is only a mere restoration of your iPhone you did through iTunes, you will be demanded to enter the password Apple ID and when it reboots. Resetting it via the methodology we are envisaging here will avoid the event of the iPhone demanding for an Apple ID upon its restart.

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

Step 4. The interval for the reset process may fill in a span of two minutes or even one, following this, the welcome screen appears requiring you to swipe to continue. At this point it is safe to say it is well prepared to be taken to an Apple Store for repair or even sold.

How to safely reset an iPhone or iPad

I hope you find this guide very useful.

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