Twitter is losing at least three top executives, in a major shakeup at the social network

In course of a heavy shakeup at Twitter, the social network will be losing at least three top executives, according to reports surfacing on Sunday.

Twitter is losing at least three top executives, in a major shakeup at the social network

Those heading for the exit door of the company include product chief Kevin Weil, Alex Roetter, the head of engineering and Katie Stanton, the head of media.

This accounts for a third of the executive team listed on the Twitter site next to co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey.

Further reports point to the event of a possible official confirmation coming from the company as early as Monday, with the confirmation likely to be accompanied with the announcement of a new marketing head.

There is the solid prospect too that Twitter plans to recruit two new board members on board as soon as this week, further details reveal that at least would be a high-profile executive in the media industry.

Circulating behind the news is the report that as a criterion for return demanded by chief executive last year, Dorsey had clearly informed Twitter that all board members must be replaced.

Included in the panel is fellow co-founder Evan Williams, who happens to be one of the largest individual owners of company stock.

Twitter has not officially commented on this.

As we know, times have not been too smooth for social network in face of pestering worries over possible prospects of its growth.

Twitter stock had crashed to a new record low some days ago as the number of users is climbing lazily and slowly. When September ended last year, Twitter recorded 320 million active users — which is only four million more than three months earlier.

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