Apple Says That iPhone 6s Battery Lives Don’t Differ Much

In answers to questions directed at the various processors used in the new iPhones, Apple has played down on concerns announcing that the battery life of its devices just differ by only 2%-3%.


Apple went further to diffuse speculations regarding such concerns that various chips powering Apple’s new iPhones proffer different grades of battery durability or battery life.

“Our testing and customer data show the actual battery life of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, even taking into account variable component differences, vary within just 2 to 3 percent of each other,” a company spokesman had announced in a statement on Thursday.

This response came on the back of gathering worries over the various processors which the new iPhone 6S comprise of as well as the iPhone 6S Plus. Pertaining to its new smartphones which were put on sale by September ending, Apple made use of chips designed by Korean electronics giant Samsung and by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC. Lately discoveries were put up by users that iPhones running on the TSMC chip well longer than those using Samsung chip.

Apple has refused the testing carried out in the lab by third parties, referring to such tests as “manufactured” for the fact that they employ unrealistic factors to perform such tests. Those tests are not representative of real-world usage, since they spend an unrealistic amount of time at the highest CPU performance state. It’s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life,” Apple added. This could be as well said for both past and current Apple products showing across all phone types which is indicative of the irrelevance of which company produced the A9 chip, Apple explained.

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Furthermore in the clarifications, Apple explained that those tests always work the Apple-designed A9 processors and did so less to reveal real-world usage. This way, it is not likely that an average individual would browse the internet or watch movies on a smartphone for many hours all at a time.

“It’s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life,” the company said.

Apple also informed the general public that every chip “meets Apple’s highest standards for providing incredible performance and deliver great battery life.”

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The battery performance of the iPhone’s battery performance wasn’t very much highlighted by mainstream gadget reviews as majority see no differences between this one and last year’s model. Apple rather sees maintaining battery life year after year as an achievement deserving of a medal as it is improving the performance with its new A9 chip.

Yet a lot of us are deservedly concerned about the battery life of the iPhone 6S.

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