Pepsi to Launch New Smartphone

Technology is taking over the world, years ago say thirty years, if you had told someone about the internet, they could mistake that your brains had been drowned in pools of alcohol. Fast forward to this day, we can barely close our mouth after saying a WAOH to one technological wonder before another comes out giving no luxury of closing the WAOH with the “h” as marveling invention after thunderous invention has made it an extended WAOOOOO. The drama in the stages of science is such a suspense movie that could get even James Hardly Chase sweating enough to use a bed sheet as handkerchief.


There is barely any sacred time to fast as delicacy after delicacy is pouring out of the kitchens of Apple, Microsoft etc. Yet there are no bouncers in this party of technology as anyone sophisticated enough could get in. Hence Pepsi has put on their dancing shoes ready to rock the tech world!

According to the news making the round now, top soft-drink maker PepsiCo are in line to release their own smartphone with speculations suggesting the name as Pepsi P1 possibly next week.

The news surfaced into global attention from a PepsiCo China Weibo page- Weibo being the Chinese edition of Facebook with the tags of “Internet”,”IT”, “Electronic Products” and “Mobile Phone Manufacturers.”

The specifications for the phone were revealed consequently as it is to come along a 1.7 gigahertz processor, a 5-5 inch screen, two gigabytes of memory as well as 16 gigabytes of internal storage. Also included in the upcoming package is a 3,000 milliamperes-hour battery and the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system . The schedule date for it to go online in China on October 20 for $205 which is just above N40,000.

The PepsiCo China Weibo page also lay references to China’s Shenzhen Technology Co., which at present works with companies of the mould of Konica Minolta, Brother Industries and Xiaomi. All together, Pepsi is yet to officially give distinct specifications as regards the name of yen phone nor the company producing it. The news comes after the announcement of a limited supply of the Pepsi Perfect, which is a distinctive branding effort targeted at celebrating October 21 ( a date that happens to be the Back to the Future Day), the same day the film’s character Marty McFly will arrive this year. 6,500 collectible bottles will be sold at the price of $20.15 a piece.

In April of 2011, Pepsi had tried their hands on a Social Vending System which gives users the opportunity to gift friends with gifts via a communicative touch-screen machine which also gives vent to nutritional facts. So this is not the first time the beverage company Pepsi is attempting to write its script in the tech story of mankind, for so long Pepsi has given much to mouths to drink now it is giving to heads to drink as a head-spinning smartphone would be such a delicious technological beverage.

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