Innjoo Set to Launch “Fire” in Nigeria

Can you sniff the aroma, something is cooking. Do you salivate the new technological meal all the way from Dubai? Of course, I am lost in anticipation of the new delicious product Innjoo would soon be introducing into the market. What makes Innjoo more particular in the smartphone business is that for what they offer, you get to ask if they actually are a Dubai firm or a Samaritan firm. For they are such good Samaritans with extreme kindness and generosity as regards the very affordable costs of their very quality product line.

 innjoo fire

This time around, Innjoo intends to bring into the market InnJoo Fire and others. With ongoing arrangement, the launch date is set to be 21st of the Month of May. After the launch, the product is then expected to be available from June 1st – first day of Jumia Mobile Week. As for now, the product price remains competitive as it is scheduled that the price would be announced at the launch event.

There is such intensity of passion invested into this product as it is expected that user must get a multiplied value (in terms of customer satisfaction) for whatever expense he incurs in acquiring this device. The slogan of the device is perfectly in line with this: Born with Passion. Complete user appreciation is a grandchild of such passion.

Now let us move on to the product overview. As an unprecedented (first of its kind) range of InnJoo product line, Fire would provide the user with an extraordinary and rare value for its very convenient price, which leaves other budget-concerned handsets dragging their feet behind the pacesetter Innjoo. Coming with exactly the appropriate size of 5 inch display, 2GB RAM and its wonderfully designed textures – Classic black, Milk white, Fashion gold and Natural Bamboo, Fire would provide the user with a bucket load of usable features and good camera to ignite the passion of the new generation- leaving the Innjoo flame lighting many hearts in joy.

When you buy this device, you buy a smartphone and you buy JOY!

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