Next iPhone’s Camera Could get a Pixel Boost, But Then at a Cost

There is uncertainty for sure as to whether Apple will make the decision to bump up the pixel count on the iPhone’s camera this 2015. The 2015 iPhone model which could be publicly named iPhone 6S and 6S Plus- would increase on its pixel count to 12 mega pixels (talking its rear camera) from the 8 which it is at present. This is according to Kevin Wong, who officially is the market-intelligence-firm-IHS China’s chief executive. Wong had announced this on Thursday to Chinese social network Sina Weibo through a post. Now if we don’t doubt the truthfulness of this statement, this will make it the first of its kinda as to Apple boosting the pixel count on its flagship phone’s camera after the company had worked it up it 8MP from the previous 5MP with accompanied with the introduction of the iPhone 4S back in 2011.

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Nonetheless, the athletic leap in the in pixel count would not come at no cost, of course we should be expecting it to come at a price as said by Wong. To really make this a typical reality and to make good on the higher count, the company Apple has the choice of cutting down so as to enhance a reduction in the size of each pixel. But this doesn’t really sound good. You want to know why?

Well, pixels of smaller sizes particularly have a reduced sensitivity when it comes to its response to light. This on one hand could sadly bring us photos with not too commendable even poor quality as well as accompanied with a greater noise capacity. This is more evident when it comes to those taken in conditions of low-light. With this in mind, we could therefore say that is the possible occurrence of a trade-off with a higher pixel count as well as a smaller pixel size. The magnanimous talk about pixel count has has really triggered off an interesting argument opening the floor for more heated debate. For sure, some Lumia smartphones in particular have really earned worthy thumbs-up for their high-quality photos. The Lumia 1020 and 808, the two of them come with a 41-megapixel camera. But there is another question as to what really and most importantly contributes to the high quality. Does the pixel count account for the high quality, or are there other contributing factors involved aside the pixel count?

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both employ 8-megapixel cameras, bearing this in mind, let us not forget that these two phones are publicly renowned for their high-quality photo-taking capacity. In the past, Apple had skidded of the tracks of famous trend of regularly adding up on the pixel count choosing to rather work on other components to improve the camera, which will include enhanced autofocus and also optical image stabilization on the 6 Plus. So whether or not Apple brings down the size of the pixels so as to realize a greater pixel count, the company is looks certain to improve on the camera in other ways that will bring about high-quality photos.

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