Hurray: VLC 2.0 for Android is out rocking network browsing

After what could be measured with eternity as to the ambiguous span of time exhausted on testing, VLC for Android 2.0 has finally come out as a stable release. Though no good thing comes easily as if we drag our minds, we can look to the similarly lengthy amount of time for which Gmail had its “beta” subtitle. So in the case of LVC, of course there is no debate that there is a reputation to fulfill hence a justification for the amount of time spent.

Hurray: VLC 2.0 for Android is out rocking network browsing

The major talking point this new VLC 2.0 has is its much clamoured network browsing feature. And now it is finally on the menu for us to savour. Just in line with our anticipations, it brings in a pretty diverse list of supported protocols, which would as well include Windows shares, FTP, UPnP, NFS and SFTP.

One other tasty achievement realized in the version 2.0 is the unique blend between the Android TV versions and the general Android of the software. This not bring a beautiful unison to the experience as well making sure we have fast update dissipation, but equally it has allowed VideoLAN to be excused from both the TV interface and the standard interface. So the implication is that is now possible to switch between them on any device you have straight from the settings menu.

A number of other improvements taking their toll include another new kid in the block which ensures a much speedier playback and decoding of every type of video as well as a few rewritten components, which include the pop-up video as much as the notification controls . Of course, there is that robust certainty that we have not seen the best of VideoLAN. For now, you could simply move over to the Google Play store to get the update.

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