Bing for Android gets more palatable with searching by image

It is a reality that for Android users, Google Search happens to be the principal search service that is common use. But that doesn’t exclude the fact that other options certainly exist. These other options run across the Bing Search app from Microsoft for Android. And now Microsoft has embarked on rolling out an update that has gained the app a feature though this functionality already exist with Google. This is the Image Search.

Bing for Android gets more palatable with searching by image

That is, as a consequence of this update, Bing for Android will now assume the capacity to search for stuff by images. That is in the case where you are an ardent Bing user or was considering jumping on it, this is surely one of those functions you should get your hands on after installing.

Certainly, conducting searches by image is not the sole feature on the list of fresh feature updates that Microsoft is spicing Bing for Android with. But this should though particularly stands out.

Now, having noted this point, I may ride on to the barcode scanner, which is also one fresh addition to the app. How it works is that say someone who has this liking for matching prices could possibly search for stuff so ascertain whether someone could offer an improved deal on the item he intends buying. Where I think this could be maximally useful is probably for grocery shopping and then it itches you to know if you are buying at the best available prices. Microsoft has equally announced that that stores like eBay as well as Best Buy are among the locations which you could get results for when you possibly engage in scanning a barcode for a product.

Certainly, you are not going to argue with me that Bing is now more palatable.

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