Online trolls about to lose their hobby: Periscope rolls out comment moderation

The social media which was principally created as a online hostel for people to keep close and interact has become a “digital Somalia” plagued continuously with violence; particularly oral violence. This is as trigger happy fingers trolls no longer shoot bullets but happily shoot poisoned words generously online. It has therefore become almost necessary that a comment moderation tool comes on board and this is exactly what Periscope is bringing in.

A new update is now being doled out by the live video streaming service owned by Twitter. This new comment moderation feature is well targeted at combating spam as much as abuse. This feature gives viewers the opportunity to report; even voting on reported comments.

Its operation is terribly simplified. In the situation where you see offense in a comment (or even perceive it to be spam), you could simply report it. While messages from that commenter for the remainder of the broadcast will not be seen by you, a handful number of chosen viewers will be required to cast their votes as to ascertain the offensiveness of the reported comment; if it be abusive or it is spam.

So in the case where majority votes yes, “the commenter will be notified that their ability to chat in the broadcast has been temporarily disabled,” Periscope had announced in a blog post. “Repeat offenses will result in chat being disabled for that commenter for the remainder of the broadcast.”

There is no mandatory tone to this feature though – you still have option of an unmoderated broadcast if that is your preference. In addition, you could possibly jump off by removing voting from your Settings.

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