Tutorial: Adjusting The Height of The Google Keyboard on Android

Google Keyboard still maintains its culture of adding on improved customization features. The latest of this happen to the functionality associated with the most recent version which rolls in option to make changes to the height of the keyboard (as well as a number of other tweaks). If you had ever conceived in your head “man, I surely boast the ability to type at an increased speed should this keyboard be any bigger” or “I have this affinity for seeing just a little more of the screen, this keyboard is exorbitantly tall!” Here JustNaira presents some lively tips for your betterment.

The first operation you should carry out is leaping on the settings of the keyboard. This done by long-pressing on the key appearing to the left of the space bar. This key will change in relation to what app the keyboard is opened in—a practical instance of this is , it could be a even a backslash in the Chrome address bar, a comma in Messenger or other texting apps, or possibly “at sign” (@) in email text fields—the list runs on. The simplest means by which you could define this key is “the one to the left of the space bar.” Yes absolutely long-press that.

The moment you release it, you will notice the appearance of a small popup menu bearing a couple of options—all you need do is tap “Google Keyboard settings.”

Tap the “Preferences” option on the settings menu, .

There is a quite a tiny collection of helpful options in this menu,some of which are also new. But what is or interest to us here is “Keyboard height.” It’s almost like that makes sense, isn’t it?

There are 5 separate height options, across which selection is made by means of the slider: Mid-tall, Tall, Short, Mid-short and Normal. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing an increased quantity of content and reduced keyboard, so I would set mine to “Small.” Should you be using a device which carries a smaller screen, however, that may make it kind off extremely small. So proceed to ahead and have little fun playing around with this option to come to a final judgment of what appeases you best.

For the purpose of reference, however, here is a pictorial representation of how Small compares to Tall. It is really encompassing.

So when you have discovered the suiting height, just jump off the Settings menu. That is it.

This is, in my candid opinion, is one of the appropriate resorts to adopt so as embellish your typing accuracy. So if the size of the keyboard is disturbingly small (or in the case where you sadly rock overly large thumbs), then it is only certain you will be making a bunch of mistakes. Conversely , with an overtly big keyboard, it could chop down your typing speed equally owing to the facts that the keys are spaced farther apart than you would really prefer.

I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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