At last the OnePlus 2 finally gets adorned with the Marshmallow update

Marshmallow is notably of the best technological costume your device could wear nowadays. In The strides of operating system recorded across our long textbook of history, the Marshmallow is one of the most notable “Jacob” who has not only snatched birthrights from its predecessor but has practically chased them out of almost very Android phone.

At last the OnePlus 2 finally gets adorned with the  Marshmallow update

And now it is no secret that OnePlus has been working around conducting beta testing on the OP2 Marshmallow update. These tests has stretched across a count of months. If you remember, we had informed you that the company has made announcement concerning its plan as regards the official roll-out which will be initiated in the weeks to come. So in prompt accordance to the given time-line, the final update started rolling out on the device.

Introducing the OxygenOS 3.0.2, thisupdate – that brings the delicious Android version 6.0.1 to the dining table- was announced by OnePlus just some few days ago. It is a kind of an incremental rollout (this is almost a standing habit of OnePlus), as the Chinese firm affirms that every OP2 units will be spiced with the update in about 2 days.

In exception of the normal goodies that accompany the Marshmallow, the update also brings in a number of improvements . Here is one very vital development that is rolled in a and according to the company is so noteworthy: The “update will clear your stored fingerprints. If you have fingerprint authentication set up, you will need to re-enroll again before use.”

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