HURRAY: EA Sports FIFA 17 now available for digital pre-order

…Also Available For Pre-download On Xbox One

Hello my fellow gaming brethren, this time not my brothers at arms but my brothers at pad. FIFA 17, the next much anticipated entry in the notoriously popular soccer (or football, if you so choose so) series is now available for digital pre-order. This comes ahead of its launch on Xbox One by its September 27 thus year.

EA Sports FIFA 17 now available for digital pre-order

This FIFA 17 gets you drowning pleasurably in very real football experiences making use of an awesome depth of sophistication via an innovative game engine. While bringing to your to fingers, football players full of depth and brawling with emotions, rapturing you unrighteously to heavens whose keys are housed in the game. Boasting a wholesome innovation in the mode of thinking of players as well as their movements, this FIFA 17 innovates even up to their physically interaction with players of the opposing team. The manner in which they even execute attack and defence is completely controlled by you.

Hazard in action

In all, there exists three versions of the game available for pre-order. These are the Deluxe, the Standard, and lastly the Super Deluxe. As regards the Deluxe Edition, players will net a 8-Match FUT Loan Player, 3-Match Team of the Week Loan Player, 1-month trial of EA Access, an , as well as Special Edition FUT Kits and 20 Jumbo Premium Gold packs. The Super Deluxe edition equally brings all the aforementioned features, but this time in addition, an extra 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs as well as another 3-Match Team of the Week Loan Player.

Should you be interested, you can get your hands rocking the standard edition pre-order at a price of $59.99 at the Xbox Store ( The Super Deluxe and Deluxe Editions are equally up for you to grab at $99.99 and $79.99 respectively.

I can assure you that should this EA Sports FIFA 17 be played in our Nigerian prisons, the police will go on strike insisting on salary increase. This is because there will be such a big increase in crime as people will be trying their best to go to prison to enjoy the FIFA 17!

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