How To Use The Recently Added WhatsApp multi-recipient Feature and ‘frequent chats’

There will be little argument as to the fact that WhatsApp is rightly one of the biggest mobile apps in the world. It is no revelation that Zuckerberg’s ambitions are to make WhatsApp everything you want as to a complete experience of textual communications. Fine tuning its efforts to this target, Facebook is not holding anything back as it is bent on pouring as many new features as they can ever make into WhatsApp. The latest of this is multi-message as well as a ‘frequent chats’ module.

How To Use The Recently Added WhatsApp multi-recipient Feature and ‘frequent chats’

The multi-message functionality is quite simple to grab. What it means is that when you are in the process of writing a message which you intend sending out to multiple discrete contacts as well as group chats, you will now long-tap the first recipient. The effect of this is unlocking a multi-selection mode.
After this, you will tap all the planned recipients, follow this by pressing on the arrow button a so as to disseminate your message.

To this end, you will not have to you will not have to copy and paste updates and undertake the stress of sending to multiple parties; with this mode we are introducing in this guide, it is possible to do it all at once.
The ‘frequent chats’ section now overrides your ‘recent chats.’ This is not a generally accepted design as quite a good number of users are still of the preference of having their conversations simply arranged in a reverse chronological order.

For now, we are well expectant that WhatsApp will be furnished with a handsome number of updates in the nearest time to come. The developers have working their way with experiments on image annotating, gif support, not excluding video calling.

So what are your thoughts concerning these updates to WhatsApp? The latest version of WhatsApp is up for grabs at the Google Play Store.

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