Tutorial: How To Know When A Text Was Sent On Your iPhone

The way the iPhone’s Messages app works by default is showing you the date and time associated with the first message for any particular day. But then it will not show you by default for all messages sent and received. The seeming mystery behind this is that the precise time each message was sent is not openly shown–but there is one stress free means to follow as to showing all the exact timestamps.

In the screenshot below, you will sight the date and time appearing the top of a group of messages. But, looking further, you are not going to the times on each message.

You could also see a Read message symbol appearing at the tail bottom of the most previous message associated with a time (should it be from the present day), a day of the week (or it is possibly from the last week), or even a date (should it be from before the previous week).

NOTE: Going by default operations, if an individual having an iOS device sends you a message, they will be well aware of when you have gone through their message. The indication that you have read their message is a Read message which could be seen under the message they sent you. But then it is yet possible to keep people from the knowledge of whether you have gone through messages when making use of iMessage in iOS. But we will leave that for another day.

So going to what we have on our hand for today which is seeing the precise time each message was sent, simply swipe left on the screen. After this, hold your finger there. You will now see that in course of your finger pressing on the screen, the display of every precise exact time the messages were sent, would appear on the right side of the screen. You can get a clearer picture of what we are saying here with the picture below. So the associated timelines would disappear again when you take your finger off the screen.

It is as simple as that. Blue text messages represent those messages sent via the iMessage system (that is among iPhones). So in the situation where you have friends and family with a phone which is different from an iPhone, which commonly over here should be an Android phone or even a Windows phone, the colour of the messages they send you is going to be green. This shows that they are SMS messages, that they are not iMessage messages. This simple trick is well applicable to both types of messages.

So in the situation where you happen to be a investigator working to unravel a case, the concealed iMessage time stamp feature enables you with a delicious unadulterated information you might find too helpful..

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