Google updates Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with iPad multitasking

For so long I have anticipated the iPad running multitasking tasks across Docs, Sheets, and Slide. And at last I have my relief. Although the time it took Google was enough for me to have a kid and educate him through primary school.

Google announced it has rolled out a fresh update to the iOS versions of its Docs, Sheets, and Slide apps. The update furnishes the Docs and Slides apps to version 1.2016.30204 as well as bumping the Sheets app up to version 1.2016.30206, this also brings in the refreshing feature of support for iPad multitasking.

Taking an extract from Google:

“Split-screen multitasking support on iPads running iOS 9,” the change-log for the update reads. With this, you can now use any of the apps in Google productivity suite side-by-side with another app, allowing you to, for example, chat while editing a document.

The update will also bring in juicy solution to bug fixes as well as enhancement for Slides and Sheets apps. Also this update brings in the functionality of inserting images as well as page breaks for the Docs app.

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