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Recently, I shared a post on How to Create a Blog with Blogger. Creating a blog is just the starting point, the real work is posting. To make your new blog lively and keep readers coming, you must make it an endeavor to post on regular interval.


If you’re new to blogger (blogspot) you might not know how and where to make your first post. Today, I want to share with you how to create your first post on blogger and the meaning of each sign when you’re composing your post.

How to Create Your First Post:

1. First login to you blog dashboard and then click on Create New Post button as shown in the image below.


After clicking on Start Blogging! link, a new page will appear:


2. A page with a box where you can write your blog post will be available as shown in the image above. You will also see a column where you can put your post title and post body. For example in the title column I can decide to make it “My New Blog” and make the body of the post “My name is Olusegun Fapohunda, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with you all via this informative blog, you will all find lots of interesting thing on my blog and you can share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting and keep visiting. Regards!” In my blog it will look appear as this:


3. Now that we’ve create our first post, the next thing that should bother you is how the sign above the compose page works and how can you make a letter bold, italic, underlined, align to the left, align to the right, insert picture into post, etc. Below are the functions of each tool:


i. The tool numbered 1 has the function to undo or redo what you have composed. For example, if you make a mistake when creating a post and you mistakenly clear everything you’ve written you can easily undo your mistake.
ii. The 2nd tool is use for setting the type of the post font
iii. The 3rd tool is use for setting post letters size such as: smallest, small, normal, large and even largest.
iv. The 4th tool is use for making post letters Bold (B), Italic (I), Underlined (U), and strike effect (ABC)
v. The 5th tool is use to set the color of letters in a post such as : Make Money and Informative Blog
vi. The 6th tool is use to set background color to letters in a post such as : Make Money and Informative Blog
vii. The 7th tool is use for creating links in post such as: or How Make Money Online in Nigeria.
viii. The 8th tool is use for inserting images to posts.
ix. The 9th tool is use for inserting videos.
x. The 10th tool is use for making jump break effect. The function of this is to make your published post to show “Read More” on the homepage and this prevent the whole content from showing on the homepage.
xi. The 11th tool is use for the align letters in post. It can be use to align letters to the left, right, center and justify.
xii. The 12th tool is use for numbering.
xiii. The 13th tool is use to make bullets.
xiv. The 14th tool is use for making quotes for some words.
xv. The 15th tool is use to remove formatting.
xvi. The 16th tool is use for checking spellings in posts.

Now that you have known the functions of each tool, you can now compose your blog post and style it to your choice.

4. If your post is ready and you’ve applied all the necessary style it needs, you can now publish it by clicking on “Publish” button.


You must have published your first blog post successfully without any problem or difficulties. Perhaps you encounter any difficulties in the process of publishing your blog post, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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