How To Make Money By Using Blogger

Recently, I shared a post on How to Monetize a Blog. Today, I want to share some basic principle anyone can use to make money online by using free Blogger Blogging Platform. What I want to teach as worked for me and is making money for me online on daily basis.


How to Make Money with Blogger Blogging Platform is a popular and common question among people that wish to make money with blogger blogs. If you aren’t familiar or don’t know what is, it is just a free blogging platform provided by Google. If you intend to start a blog and don’t have much knowledge on how to use HTML and other codes, you can make use of because of its simplicity.

How Can You Make Money With Blogger?

The question above is simple and by the end of this post, you must have known how. Anyone that can read and write can make money through blogging. Blogging have no limitation; you can start blogging irrespective of your age, sex, race and others. Below are some rules you must observe if you really want to make money online through blogger.

1. Niche.

Niche is a position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talent and personality. Before you do anything, you must first think and find a suitable niche for your blog. You must be familiar and have interest in the niche you are going to choose for your blog. Choosing unfamiliar or uninterested niche can make you a failure in the long run so you need to choose your niche wisely so that writing for your blog will be an easy task for you. In case you can write about many topics, you can start with one at the beginning and later create new blogs on other topics.

2. Set Up Your Blog

Setting a blog with blogger is quite easy. To register a blog, go to and use your gmail account to register or create a new gmail account if you don’t have one. After registering, make sure you pick a good related domain name to what your blog is about. For example if you’re blogging about Dog Training, you can register a domain name like After picking up a good domain name, the next thing is to pick a good design for your blog among the design you will be presented. You can also get a professional blogger design here.

3. Quality Content.

If you really want to be a successful blogger, you must try and write quality content. If at all you want to copy other peoples work, you must try and modify everything. And note that your blog post must be helpful to your readers. If you post are not helpful or if they are copied articles, readers may not come back. Search engines also hate copied content, so you must try to be original if you want success in blogging.

4. Let others Know Your New Blog Through Advertisement

One of the biggest mistakes made by bloggers is to create a blog and believe people will come to them without advertising. Though I have once experienced that before. If you want to make money online with your blogger blog, you must be ready to advertise your new blog to the world. There are two ways to get traffic online to your blog. The two ways are paid and free. To me, I prefer the free ones because they are the best ones. Some of the free ways to advertise your blog are:
• Through posting on related forums
• Blog commenting
• Sharing on social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.
• Asking other bloggers for a link exchange
• Putting your site link as your email signature
• Word of mouth etc. Just make use of any means that you know isn’t spamming.

5. Making Money with Blogger.

This is where the work lies. There are many ways to make money online through blogger. Some of the ways are:
1. Selling Advertising Space
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression (Google adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika etc.)
4. Selling Softwares, E-book and Other Services Online

I have recently created a post on How to Make Money Online with Your Blog Here. Click the link and read the post for ways to monetize your blogger blogs.

Finally, to make money through blogger blogging platform, you need to be ready to work hard and apply all you have learnt here. Don’t expect an overnight success. From my research, It came to my notice that most successful blogger don’t make a dime when they started, but in the long run they became successful.

Blogging isn’t about money alone, below are some benefits you going to enjoy from blogging before and after you start making money from it:
• Networking opportunities.
• Confidence building.
• New friendships.
• Writing practice.
• Personal growth.
• Business building.
• Increased focus.
• Improved motivation.
• Opportunity to establish your expertise.

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