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I found an article re-writer program online that can be use to rewrite or spin articles to make it unique. This article re-writer is the best of its kind because I have tested it and it really work great. This software will be good for bloggers that wish to spun articles and then re-post it on their blog as a unique one.


This article re-writer program can be use to create a lot of variations of the same article or text. All you have to do is to select a text you wish to spin or rewrite and then enter alternate versions of the same article or text with the help of the in-built synonyms suggestion tools. Then you can now spin the article or text to 50, 100 or even 1000 versions.

How to Get This Program

This program will be given freely to this blog subscribers and Facebook fans. To get this software, simply send an email with the subject “Article Re-writer Program” to If you are not a subscriber on this blog, you can subscribe below and you must also Like Our Facebook Page if you want the program to be sent to you

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