How To Check Whether Your PC Is Male or Female

I recently checked my computer gender and found out I have a female computer. What about yours? Are you ready to know your computer gender? Ok, follow the steps below to find out if your computer is male or female.

Know Your Computer Gender.

How to Check if Your Computer is a Male or Female

==> Open your computer Notepad.

==> Type the code below on your Notepad:

CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"i love you"

==> Save the file on your computer as computer_gender. vbs or with any name of your choice, but it must end with a . vbs.

==> Finally double click the file and listen to the voice your computer use to say “I love you”. If what you hear is a female voice, that means your computer is a female and if hear a male voice, that means your computer is a male.

Share your computer gender with other readers through the comment box below.

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