How to Add an AirDrop Icon to Your macOS Dock.

AirDrop can be used to quickly share files between Macs and iOS devices, however, on the Mac, AirDrop appears to be hidden. In order to find it, click on the Finder icon on the sidebar.

If your desire is to make the AirDrop more outstanding, you may want to add an icon for it to your dock even though doing this will require you to put on a bit of work.

To do this:

  • Open, the Finder and click Go > Go To the Folder in the menu bar.

  • The folder you want to access is: /System/Library/CoreServices/ Copy and paste this and hit Enter or click Go.

In effect, your focus should be on the since Apple is definitely storing apps inside other apps (Inception sound). These “apps” are basically Finder features, which are all normally found in the Finder sidebar.

The focus of this article is the AirDrop, although, you can create dock icons for any one you really want.

  • Drag the AirDrop app to your Dock.

  • Now that you have an icon for AirDrop on your dock, click it, and a Finder window will open to the AirDrop interface.

After you’ve done this you can now drag any file to the icon in order to share it with any Apple device that is close by be it Macs, iPhones or iPads. If you want to share with Android devices, AirDrop is not an option but you can set up Bluetooth file sharing between macOS and Android.

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