Apple, adding voice activation to new AirPods this year, states reports, up next, water resistance.

Apple had plans to release new AirPods models soon although this plan has been discovered and was laid bare this morning. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the Cupertino Company had been planning to refresh the AirPods that were first brought out late in the year 2016, with a new model that has a fresh outlook and the most interesting part is that it features an improved wireless chip and it also has the quality of having the Siri voice command activated merely by saying, “Hey Siri.” At the moment, one can only tap on the wireless earbuds in order to activate the Siri voice command. There are reports which are coming to us from our sources that are suggesting that Apple will make the AirPods water-resistant in the years to come.

As far as headphones are concerned, the mostly used ones can last for years without having the need for an update, however, with regards to Apple products, quick and regular changes or upgrades are the natural order of the day. What this means is that it is not so much of a shocking thing to see that Apple is already working on developing two models into the future. Nevertheless, what happens to arouse curiosity and interest about today’s disclosure is the improvements that are to be made to the wireless chip. Currently, Apple has the best and most expedient Bluetooth audio setup which has a W1 chip that permits the connection of the iPhone to Beats and AirPods that are compatible to the iPhone. Any additional attempt on the part of Apple to increase the efficiency and efficaciousness of this system will only give the company more edge over other headphone manufacturing companies who are defaulting in their ability to get their products to sync with smartphones in a less painful and unfailing manner.

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