Have you noticed Gmail can now stream video attachments

At the start of March, it came to our notice that Gmail had commenced support for attachments ranging up to 50MB capacity. This was extremely relieving as the previous upper limit was really restraining. Well Gmail had lot juicy more in the cupboard waiting for us.

Coming out in a matter of a week or two, every Gmail users would gain the capacity to stream video attachments. What does this mean: you no longer have to download a video attachment before you watch it.

How it works now is well different: the moment the video gets to you, you will see video attachments displaying a thumbnail from the clip. So by the activity of double clicking on the attachment, the video attachment will begin streaming inside a video player; this is not very different from that deployed by YouTube.

When streaming such video attachment, you now have the capacity to make adjustment to the speed of the playback, although by default these videos have optimal quality. This is really in close resemblance with what you when you double-click on a video file in Google Drive. Enjoy!!

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