Google Home’s Assistant can now help help you cook sweeter dishes now knowing another 5 million recipes

Many at times we are stuck as bachelors dumbfounded in the kitchen running out of ideas. This could stem from our frail cooking knowledge, at such instances where we have lost our bearing at what and at what order the recipes should go into the pot, we can consult Google Home. Google Home is one of the best chef guides you could get. Say you want to make stew, Google Home would carefully guide you through the procedures.

Now the services of Google home are getting more extensive as it has been announced that Google home now knows additional 5 million recipes and how to use them to create great meals. So once Google Home eventually gets beefed up with the knowledge of another 5 million recipes, we believe its functionality would improve broadly in helping us cook. When you want to access this feature, proceed to Google Assistant on your Android phone or you could still use Google search in location of a recipe. You could choose fork out your preference hitting the “Send to Google Home” button.

So when you are set to start preparing the meal, you could instruct: “OK Google, start cooking” another way is saying start “start recipe”. It will now roll forward an answer with the list of ingredients to gather, guiding you through the full recipe. In the case where you are not convinced of something, you could comfortably order Google Home to repeat itself. You could even enjoy music on it while cooking or possibly set a timer with it. I know you would be asking if ogbono is among the 5 million recipes it has learnt.

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