Apple iPhone sales on a slight decline in the first quarter of 2017

Truth is Apple has been molesting the world for a while now. The frenzy that follows every iPhone model every year is crazy. It is no longer news that some Apple fanatics go the distance of selling body organs comfortably to afford Apple products. Thus the financial reports of Apple are of interest to us. At least we deserve to know how well we, the Apple rotary club, have been enriching Tim Cook and his executive caucus.

Talking about the financial result for the first quarter of 2017, this time the financial reports have not been all that glossy. Not bad though but showing a little decline when put against iPhone sales on an annual basis. It is like not Apple is sliding down the hill, not at least as there is the brighter side to the reports that Mac as well as the number for other services rendered by Apple were on a high, lifting the cumulative revenue to $52.9 billion.

Across the last three months however, the number of iPhones sold remains humongous. An intimidating number of 50.8 million have been sold. Although this shows a little decline put against the 51.2 million of the first quarter of 2016. Well this little decline is quite reasonable if you view it from the perspective that a lot of people are being reluctant to buy new iPhones as they wait patiently for what Apple would be revealing in its10th anniversary which will be commemorated later this year. The other dark side to the story was that sales on iPad were a little down, dropping to 8.9 million which is quite a decline from the 10.25 million units sold for the first three months of last year.

However there is still some outlet of sunshine in the reports which is in the increase in the sales of Mac products. The company had recorded success selling more 4% finishing the first quarter of the year with 4.2 million units. Other Apple categories cutting across Apple TV and Apple Watch) had leapt heartily by 31%, with Services business springing up by double-digit growth.

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